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About The Zorbon Chronicles

This site is based on author S.R. Webb’s interviews with the two anonymous boys who initially discovered the Zorbon communication orb and were instructed to use the knowledge to enrich life on earth. Only short excerpts can be shared here. While the two boys, now in their late 50’s seem to have a vast knowledge of the universe,  they appear to be withholding much about the Zorbon civilization. Most of the teachings were related to life on the planet Earth, as the Zorbon’s provided them with a view of just how primitive we humans are as a species. They were empowered by the Zorbon’s with telepathic travel and have visited many strange places in our galaxy. The Zorbons have yet to allow their pupils actual physical quantum-based travel on an intergalactic scale, but have shared many amazing stories and promise to reveal more when they are ready. The reason for the restraint is simplified in their translation that indicates “it’s a jungle out there”.

About The Zorbon

While we know very little about the Zorbon “species”, the information we have indicates they are a highly advanced form of collective consciousness, well beyond that of the typical UFO pilots occasionally observed buzzing our planet.  It is thought that the Zorbon travels by transforming its body mass to a singularity allowing it to travel the conduit of time and space on a quantum level that we do not yet understand.  Theoretically, they could travel to and from the most distant reaches of the known universe instantaneously. The Zorbon is thought to be some sort of advanced anthropologist and has long been known about our planet as well as the previous system that occupied this quadrant of space which eventually went supernova over 5 billion years ago.

The two boys have since gone their separate ways (one has recently passed) and live among Earth’s population, still observing and still communicating on occasion to their space-traveling teacher.

The Zorbon Chronicles consists of a 12 part series of short stories and a final Omnibus combining everything into one publication. The release is tentatively scheduled for 2023. Contact this site for more information or comments.

About The Author

SR Webb is a creative writer who through a daily ritual of meditation, communes with the Akashic Field and the Zorbon Social Memory Complex to travel the universe and observe the infinite intelligence that permeates the space all around us. This ritual, along with a dollar forty-nine, has resulted in his interactions with the higher density consciousness known as the Zorbon, who guides our story.




The Zorbon Chronicles