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Understanding the Alien Connection to Planet Earth

Since the mid 1940’s, planet Earth has been visited by many extraterrestrial beings of various species. Imagine a forest; at first glance, we see trees, plants and occasionally animals, but we have very little understanding of the multitude of creatures lurking and hiding within all those leaves. This is a basic analogy as to the number of intelligent species in the universe. To dive a bit deeper, our awareness of other species is akin to all those insects and creepy crawler being aware of our observation. They have no idea, as do we.

Higher life forms have the technology to dart in and out of our realm. Perhaps through dimensional doorways. Perhaps by using immensely simple yet incredibly powerful sources or energy, like zero point energy. Think this is fiction? It’s slowly becoming aware to the inhabitants of planet Earth that we are not alone. It is also very possible, in fact probable that a small number of high security clearance individuals have had decades of time to interact with both the alien crafts and the higher life forms themselves. As evidence, take a look at the very phone you hold in your hand. Do you really believe that device evolved so quickly without a “leg up” from above?

Don’t take my word for it, this is your homework assignment: watch Dr Stephen Greer’s movie “Unacknowledged” on Amazon Prime…then reconsider your belief system.

The Zorbon Chronicles