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The Zorbon Chronicles

An intergalactic journey of discovery into infinite intelligence and cosmic consciousness

The Zorbon Chronicles

Over thirty years ago, two high school students found themselves on the lookout for a place to sneak a smoke during their lunch break. Venturing into a vacant lot that was filled with abandoned, brokendown semitrailers, they stumbled upon something quite extraordinary.

Inside one of the trailers, the duo discovered a glowing orb a misplaced communication device from an ancient race of spacefaring anthropologists. Taking possession of the orb, they used it over the following years to commune with a pure energybased life form that they named the Zorbon.

According to the two human‘s accounts, the orb was able to telepathically show them incredible mysteries of the universe, enabling them to learn much about the ancient civilization of the Zorbon. It was said that the Zorbon had existed long before our present universe had even begun, with some sources claiming that this was over 15 billion years ago.

The Zorbon are peaceful and omnipresent, said to reside in neutral, or zeropoint spacetime. Through the orb, the two high schoolers were able to tap into the Zorbon‘s origins, learning that they were God‘s first intelligent creation said to have been formed 1.618 seconds after the Big Bang.

This is only the beginning of a story that is still unfolding. Who knows what secrets the orb still holds, and what new discoveries await those brave enough to take the journey

The Zorbon Chronicles