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The Zorbon Chronicles

An intergalactic journey of discovery into infinite intelligence and cosmic consciousness

The Zorbon Chronicles

Over 30 years ago, two high school students while on their lunch break and looking for a place to sneak a smoke, ventured into a vacant lot filled with abandoned, broken-down semi-trailers. Inside a trailer, they discovered a small glowing orb, a misplaced communication device from what you could only define as an ancient race of space-faring anthropologists.

The two humans took possession of the orb, using it over several years to commune with a pure energy-based life form they called the Zorbon. According to the pair, the communication device was able to telepathically show them many mysteries of the universe and beyond. They learned much about their ancient civilization and that the Zorbon had existed long before our present universe had even begun, over 15 billion years ago.

The Zorbon are peaceful, omnipresent, and reside in neutral, or zero-point space-time.

The Zorbon was God’s first intelligent creation, 1.618 seconds after the Big Bang.

This is our continuing story…

The Zorbon Chronicles