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The recent mystery rock that suddenly appeared behind NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover is no mystery at all. While the space agency is curious about discovering evidence of life on Mars, a curious multidimensional being is busy playing with the rover itself. In doing so, it needed to take a short break to relieve itself. That multidimensional being is none other than our friend the Zorbon.

zorbon poop

Mars rock is nothing more than Zorbon poop.

While Zorbon’s themselves consist mostly of quantum energy vibrating in and out of sync with our three dimensional world, their excrement, which consists mostly of frozen gases and the tiny remains of Denebian crater rats, remains stable within our perceivable realm. The size and appearance is consistent with previously observed Zorbon stooli, and the dent in the middle indicates one of the creatures may have had the unfortunate experience of stepping in it.

As we know, the Zorbon exists in parallel with our three dimensional world and can “rip” open the fabric of space time when they wish to appear or manipulate objects on our plane.

If we examine the “rock” closely, we can see it greatly resembles a common Earth dog poop. This is no coincidence but rather a vestigial “dairy queen” movement that the Zorbon retains even a billion years after it’s evolutionary  path began.


Earth dog poop strongly resembles the Mars Mystery Rock.

As advanced as the Zorbon may be, they still require the input of matter and energy to feed their advanced energy conversion systems and the end result is the excretion of waste matter.  In other words…they poop just like us.


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